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Sand paper letter rubbings

Textured letter cards are a staple in many preschool and kindergarten classrooms. They can be used in many ways to add a multisensory aspect to instructions. I have a 30 year old homemade set that I'm still using.     One of my very favorite ways to use them is to do rubbings. This is… Continue reading Sand paper letter rubbings

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Spelling Option Activity

This is a simple activity to use during lessons when working on spelling options. I put down cards with the two or three spelling options ( for example oi/oy, ay/ai, tion/sion ). I often have these cards because I use them as headings for word sorts. You will also need a stack of word cards that contain… Continue reading Spelling Option Activity

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Schwa: A Few Favorite Resources

Teaching schwa is always a challenge. The 'lazy" vowel sound is first encountered in two syllable closed syllable words. Most of my students have no problem learning to read words like wagon, salad or melon. Spelling is another story! We practice lots and make it through. The real work with schwa come with open syllables.… Continue reading Schwa: A Few Favorite Resources