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Digraph Swat!

I usually avoid fly swatter games in my small groups. I know they are popular but they can get crazy and someone often gets swatted by accident. I dislike ending my classes with a student in tears!

However, this game works pretty well. I have two versions depending on the group of kiddos I’m working with. Some groups can handle everyone swatting at once, some can’t. With the ones that can’t, I simply call on students and we take turns.

I put out three sheets. Each has a large digraph (see freebie at the end of this post). It helps to tape them down so they don’t slip around. I laminate mine to prevent tearing. you could tape them to a wall or on a table.

I give each kiddo a fly swatter (new and clean of course! ). We go over ground rules. No swatting another player. Only swat when it’s time.

I have a list of words that contain digraphs. I read a word and they listen for the digraph. They swat the correct one. If playing all together they all swat for every word. If taking turns only the student called on swats.

That’s it. They enjoy it and it gets pretty rowdy but since there are no winners or losers, kids who process slower or are having more difficulties still get a chance to play.

Click here to download the digraph sheets and word list——->consonant digraph slap


digraph swat pin

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