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Kindergarten Sight Words

My grandson is having trouble learning his kindergarten sight words. I am too far away to spend time working with him in person, but I created a few games for him to use with his mom and dad.  He especially loves stories with magic.  This card game includes all the Kindergarten sight words he needs to learn and has a cool wizard theme that I’m sure he will enjoy.

Free Wizard Sight Word Game

New Freebie!

This is a I have who has or “loop” game like the sort I wrote about in this post: I Have. . . Who Has. . .  You can play it in the same way.

I also made a packet of printable quick games for him to use. These games are easy to print, economical (black and white) and perfect for at home practice. They are available in my TpT shop.

Home Practice Sight Word Games

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