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Spelling Option Activity

This is a simple activity to use during lessons when working on spelling options.

I put down cards with the two or three spelling options ( for example oi/oy, ay/ai, tion/sion ). I often have these cards because I use them as headings for word sorts.

You will also need a stack of word cards that contain these spelling options. In this case, I keep the deck of word cards. The student’s goal is to win all the cards from me.

I read a card and the student taps the heading card with the correct spelling. If they are correct I give them the card. If they are wrong I keep the card.

We continue this way until the entire deck has been read.

If I  have time I will put missed cards back into the deck and continue until the student has every card. If time is more limited I will just put any missed cards aside. In this case, we count cards and the one with the most wins.

spelling option activity

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