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Decodable Sentences

Providing plenty of practice is vital for all new readers. Decodable text allows you to give targeted practice on the phonetic concepts you are teaching. I love to use pages of sentences in every lesson. I also send them home for extra practice. These are some of my favorite ways to use the pages of… Continue reading Decodable Sentences

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Sand paper letter rubbings

Textured letter cards are a staple in many preschool and kindergarten classrooms. They can be used in many ways to add a multisensory aspect to instructions. I have a 30 year old homemade set that I'm still using.     One of my very favorite ways to use them is to do rubbings. This is… Continue reading Sand paper letter rubbings

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Spelling Option Activity

This is a simple activity to use during lessons when working on spelling options. I put down cards with the two or three spelling options ( for example oi/oy, ay/ai, tion/sion ). I often have these cards because I use them as headings for word sorts. You will also need a stack of word cards that contain… Continue reading Spelling Option Activity


13 DIY Tactile Ways to Practice Letters and Sounds

  There are so many great DIY tactile ideas for learning letters and sounds. These activities are fun for all learners. My dyslexic kiddos need lots and lots of multisensory practice to learn their letter/ sound combinations. Here are some engaging ways to practice. Check some out and add them to your back to school lesson… Continue reading 13 DIY Tactile Ways to Practice Letters and Sounds


Syllable Puzzles

Today we are going to look at one of my favorite activities. I love using syllable puzzles. My students enjoy them and they are very effective when teaching two and three syllable words. I will give you lots of ideas on how to use this popular manipulative. I've also included a useful recording sheet for free!… Continue reading Syllable Puzzles