Find The Nonsense Word

 Fill a Few Extra Minutes

I like to use this activity in small groups when I need something to fill a few extra minutes. It requires no extra materials and if the word list is already in my folder, I’m ready to go!

I write sets of four words on the whiteboard and invite a student to read all four and erase the nonsense word. That’s it.

My students usually enjoy it and it’s pretty tricky for some kiddos!

If you have more time for prep, you can also do this activity by writing the words on cards and inviting the students to flip over the nonsense word in each set.


For a more challenging version ask that the student ID the nonsense word and then change a letter to turn it into a real word. Mulk could become “milk”, “sulk, “bulk” or “mull.”

Try it With a Freebie!

I made a free set of word lists so that you can try this activity with your students. The free download includes two sheets. One has closed syllable words and one has Silent e sets. Enjoy!

blog nonsense word pin

Find the Nonsense Word Freebie




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