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6 Down: A Spelling Game



Simple Spelling Game (1)I was looking for a quick spelling game last week when I remembered this activity. I used to play it with math facts,  but it was easily adapted for spelling.


To Play

I gave each player a white board and marker. I also gave each player a score sheet.

I put 6 small toys in the center of the table. I used a king, unicorn, kitten, pony and several Lego figures. You could use whatever your student finds appealing!

I also put a stack of picture cards face down in the center.

We took turns rolling a die and picking that many picture cards. The player then needed to write each word on the white board. They got point for every word spelled correctly. They marked their score on the score sheet and it was the next player’s turn.

When a player filled in an entire row on the score sheet they got to pick a toy from the center. When all the toys were gone, the game was over. The player with the most toys was the winner.

Pick picture cards according to the type of syllable the student is working on. We were working on soft and hard c. Hard and Soft C Unit

All my teaching units on TpT include picture cards. This is just one more way to use them.


spelling games


This game is a snap to make as long or short as needed to fit into the time you have to play.

  • Adjust the number of toys you put out.
  • You can use a standard 6 sided die or use a four sided.
  • You can put a sticker over the 6 on a regular die. If you roll the sticker you pick no cards.
  • You could require more points to win a toy.

You could use small toys that the students could win and keep.

You could use food treats.

Free recording sheet:

 six down spell


For another versatile spelling game check out Don’t Roll a Troll!

roll a troll cover


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