I Have. . . Who Has. . .

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I have sit. Who has pan?

I have . . . Who has. . . games are a fun way to practice many skills. I like to use them for letters/sounds, words, and even phrases. The game can be used with an entire class, a small group or even in individual tutoring.

This sort of game makes a great homeschool activity.



I’ve been using these sorts of games with my students for years. We call them “loop” games because as we play we create a large looping pattern on the table.

To start the game, I clear off a large space on our work table. I deal out all the cards to the players. It doesn’t really matter if the cards don’t deal out evenly. Since there is no winner or loser, one card more or less is not a big deal.

Players should all look and see if they have the start card. If they do they should place it on the table and read it aloud.


FullSizeRender (13)


“I have start. Who has camp?” The player with camp should place the card down touching the first card.


FullSizeRender (23)


Continue to play this way looping the cards around the table, until the stop card is played.

Finishing the Game

When all the cards are played I like to read the loop from start to finish. If your student(s) is able, have them start at the first card and read each bottom word until they get to stop.

FullSizeRender (24)


Some kids enjoy hopping a little toy from start to finish as they read.


FullSizeRender (25)               FullSizeRender (26)

Try It!

There are several I have. . . Who has. . . games in my TpT shop:

Short Vowels with Consonant Blends-Monster Theme



Silent e Words- Ladybug Theme


A free game for you to try out!

fairy game freebie
Free Fairy Game-Short vowels with Consonant Blends

This free game has 19 cards. It would make a quick game for 2-5 players. This would be lots of fun for summer review. Enjoy!


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