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Happy Face and Sad Face Game

This simple game is always popular. I like it because you can play it with any deck of cards. It’s great for pattern word card decks (digraph review, silent e, consonant le. . . ) but can be played with sight words as well.

I play two ways. If I’m teaching at a location that I can set up my pocket chart I use this. I simply place the cards in the pocket chart and then slip smaller cards behind. I use three sorts of cards happy face cards, sad face cards and blank cards. I used to just leave some cards with nothing behind them, but the kiddos got good at telling if there was an extra card behind the word card or not!

Kids take turns picking a card. They read the card and then remove it from the chart. If there is a blank card behind the word card, they keep the word card and their turn is over. If there is a sad face card behind, they must discard the word card and their turn is over. If there is a happy face, they keep the word card and go again. We play until all cards are picked. The player with the most cards is the winner.

Pocket Chart Game

If I’m playing this and don’t have my pocket chart, I play on the table. Ahead of time I paper clip a smaller card to the back of each word card. I spread all the word cards out on the table and we take turns picking. After reading the word the student flips it to see if there is a happy face or sad face. Make sure it is facing out so they can just flip it and see. You don’t want the mess and hassle of the kiddos removing the cards and paperclips to check!

This is such a simple game but my kids really like it.

I’ve put together a free version of this. It reviews CVC words, closed syllables with digraphs and simple closed syllables with the suffix s. I use it as a fun review before moving on to closed syllables with consonant blends. Check it out on my TpT shop.

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